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Discerning Abstract Painting For Home Décor

What do you feel or understand when you stand in front of a painting? Abstract painting in Melbourne homes and other art academies are absolutely bewildering and have visual power in them. Abstract paintings have great meaning within and this must be understood by the viewers. From an artist’s perspective, it may be easier to understand the message through the artwork but when it comes to non-artistic viewers, things may be a bit complicated.

What is an abstract art?


Let’s discuss and comprehend an artist’s intention through abstract paintings. Abstract painting appreciates the artwork and the freedom from which it has been inspired. It is all about individual visual connections and viewers should attempt to navigate through each step and proceed forward to understanding the abstraction.

If you want to reflect on what art is then you have to delve beyond the consciousness. That is exactly what Moon’s artworks do. Her art is like thoughts in motion. To the observer, these thoughts come as dynamic lines smeared in colour. Her imagination stretches the limits of abstract painting and her zendoodles are a stress reliever both for the artist and the viewers. As you take a look at her scribble art, your mind flows with the fluidity and expressions of the lines and you become lost in thought.

To the serious observer, Moon’s artwork signifies a spirituality that people crave for but cannot usually find. Her artwork takes them far away from the maddening crowd and into a meditative mood. If you let yourself succumb to the charm of her line art, you will be transported to a higher consciousness.

Moon is an abstract artist in Melbourne whose art is simple yet glamorous, volatile yet beautiful-a reflection of perhaps the artist’s mind but what this affordable art does is accentuate the features of your drawing room or office as the viewer’s eyes follow the patterns as they move flowingly and sometimes mix into one another. 

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