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Emblazon Yourself With Incredible Henna Art Services in Melbourne

Moon Ramone offers all types of henna art services for every occasions. Whether, it’s Indian style, ethnic, traditional intricate or contemporary designs, we have it all. We have a lot in store when it comes to design availability. We are committed to provide matchless experience and adorn your hands that exceed customer expectations. We ensure that you will find henna designs accurate to your style or as defined by the customer.


Make your day memorable for the rest of your life

Whatever be the event you are heading to, our henna services will ensure that all the events are made memorable for the rest of your life. Henna is one of the oldest cosmetic beautification which was applied traditionally on men. To this day, they are largely practiced by females and the designs look pretty awesome when applied by professionals in Melbourne. Whether you are an Indian or Australian, our henna services are dedicated to all as we see no difference in our customers.

Amazing Henna art services

Aside from henna services, we also provide bridal costumes and makeup artist. The best Indian bridal makeup artist will ensure that you will look great during your special day. And to complete your look, we have a wide range of the best Indian wedding sarees to choose from. Moon Ramone is a matchless henna artist and is able to adorn brides in Melbourne. She uses natural henna and specializes in florals, symmetry, geometrical shapes, auspicious symbols, and jewelry-style adornments. She is experienced in large bridal designs and can be hired to adorn guests whatever be the occasion. Bridal designs are priced by the hour, and the length of service varies by the desired size and intricacy of work.

Experienced henna artist at your service

Moon Ramone has been delivering henna art services in Melbourne for years and she maintains a professional approach to meet your requirements. She is accustomed to travelling anywhere in Melbourne. She is confident and experienced in working at large corporate events to add a unique twist to your corporate event, whatever be the occasion. She maintains a friendly, relaxed approach to all consultations, conducted at the preference of the client, over the phone or in person.

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