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What Do You Mean By Moon’s Public Art in Melbourne?

Moon’s public art in Melbourne is an artwork represented through any medium, that is planned and executed outside the context of gallery. They are usually intended specifically for exhibition within the public space. As public spaces are accessible and open to all, exhibiting public art is the easiest way in these areas. The areas include shopping centres, airports, foyers, atriums, parks, squares and many to add.

In most cases, public artworks are applied directly to the surface (indoor or outdoor) and almost always can be seen in the form of two-dimension. Common examples of public artworks are graffiti, street art, murals on buildings, chalk drawings etc. The Melbourne Art Trams are one of the exceptional examples of public arts. Moon’s artworks act like a public broadcasting platform and viewers are pretty aware of her exceptional creativity.


Why Public Art matters?

Moon’s public art in Melbourne supports excellence for all types of platforms. They are certainly emerging and are quite established in the new and traditional media. The pieces of artwork are award winning and engage lots of unique ideas. Public art is an opportunity that produces contemporary art for public spaces throughout the city. Moon specialises in custom large scale painting services for commercial and business campaigns. She is a renowned artist in the Melbourne area and is known for creating exceptional public art in the area. The paintings are transformative and have a strong message to the viewers. She has a long list of clients and Moon continues to serve them through her scintillating artwork.

Moon’s public art in Melbourne offers business owners the ability to deliver a genuine experience for the customers and as well as the clients. She can recreate and develop the artistic vision through high quality and long-lasting paintings.

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