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Sophisticated Scribble Art by Moon Ramone

When we hear or talk about scribble art, the results are often not taken as artful or sophisticated. But, what’s surprising is scribble arts are wonderful and ecstatic. Renowned artist Moon Ramone has presented with some unique and imaginary scribble art for many people. The artworks are fun and creative and these are also surprisingly elegant for the viewers. Scribbling art demonstrates various portrait drawings and these can be illustrious for any kind of interior space. If you are interested in buying professional and elegant scribble art consider getting in touch with Moon Ramone. Scribble arts are fun and inspire people in various ways.


Fun, Easy and Artful

Scribble drawings are a lot of fun to create and they are quite easy to make too–even if you are doing a scribble portrait. You don’t need to know how to draw portraits to make them as you are not going to use translucent paper with a reference picture underneath. They don’t take that long either and often lead to surprising results. The portraits can be made in about 20 minutes. There is a wonderful satisfaction in the simple act of making marks on a piece of paper. Whether it’s a detailed study of an interesting object, a quick sketch to solve a practical problem or a mindless doodle while talking on the phone – there is great satisfaction in the way the eye, the brain and the hand work together.

A common misconception is that drawing and painting are independent disciplines. For me drawing doesn’t stop where painting begins. The whole painting process relies heavily on the discipline of drawing, from big expressive brush marks, charcoal and pen lines, to fine, calligraphic rigger lines - the success of these marks rely more on the ability to draw than the ability to paint.

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