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      Diploma in Art Therapy , CECAT


      Certificate in Art Therapy, CECAT

      2021 — 2022 

      Bachelor of fine arts, RMIT, Melbourne

       2021 — Current 

      Diploma of Visual Arts, RMIT, Melbourne  

       2019 — 2020



      Group exhibition at Site 8 ‘RMIT Annual year 3 A4 exhibition’

      August 2023


     Group exhibition at The Hue and Cry Collective gallery

     ‘Hue and Cry and Friends’

      December 2022


       Group exhibition RMIT ‘Capture’    



      Live and virtual group exhibition at Mooney Valley art show

      May 2021


       Live and virtual group exhibition at Flemington art show

      January 2021


       Live and virtual group exhibition at Mornington art show

      January 2021


       Group exhibition at Rmit, Melbourne ‘No post necessary’ 

       November 2019 — November 2019 


       Solo exhibition at Lentil As Anything, Melbourne ‘Gold Moon’

        March 2019 — June 2019


      Artist-in-residence at Drill Hall Community Garden,

      City of Melbourne

      2019 — 2021


      Commission Art, Melbourne

     2018 — Current


‘Into the Light’ Whitewall Art Prize Finalist 2021

Lethbridge Gallery Art prize Finalist 2021

HCA ‘Home is where the art is’ competition- Winner 2018

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